By Kristen Shearin of Passenant & Shearin Law

I am consistently suprised by the number of clients who either do not have a willor have not updated their will since their separation and divorce. If you want to direct what happens to your children or your assets after your death, you need a will. The process of completing a will is simple and one that you should not ignore any longer.

If you have a will in place, it is very important to make changes to the will from time to time. It is even more important to make changes to your will when important personal life changes have been made, such as a divorce, death of a spouse, children being born, children leaving your house, job changes, etc. It is much easier than you think to make these changes to a will and they should not be ignored.

Living wills and wills are two completely different things. A living will is a document that states what your wishes are if life-sustaining medical issues occur. Not everyone likes to think about a living will but it is a very important document that everyone shoudl have. If something were to happen and you were not able to physically or mentally make medical decisions on your own behalf, you do not want the hospital or others making these important decisions for you. You simply put in the living will what types of medical procedures you want or don’t want if you are not able to communicate with others in regards to your health.

Our attorneys can easily discuss these issues with you and help you draft or update your will and living will so that you and your family are protected.