The Charlotte family lawyers at Passenant & Shearin Law have extensive experience in this area of law and stay in the forefront of changes and developments concerning parent coordinator issues.

We are particularly known for our problem-solving skills and our abilities to resolve high-conflict disputes. Our entire law firm is focused in the area of divorce and family law issues, and we are proud to say that we have a lengthy and proven track record in effectively assisting parents in working through their differences in the best interest of their children.

Sheila Passenant is a certified Parent Coordinator with over ten years of experience assisting parents in learning how to communicate and co-parent effectively.

What is a Parent Coordinator?

A Parent Coordinator is appointed by the courts in situations where communication between parents is challenging or when court disputes arise too frequently. The Parent Coordinator is assigned to put the best interests of the children first. High-conflict cases often use a Parent Coordinator to help parents, minimize conflict and reach effective resolutions – when they otherwise could not do so on their own.

This is a great tool that can and should be utilized in instances where conflict is present. A Parent Coordinator spends time understanding the underlying issues and reasons for conflict can often prevent the need for frequent litigation. At Passenant & Shearin Law, our Charlotte lawyers handling parenting coordinator matters receive many of these cases through referrals from other lawyers, and we are also known for our legal abilities handling matters involving children such ascustody and parenting time.

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