What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process for resolving disputes and conflicts through discussion, problem-solving, and compromise with the help of a neutral third party – the Mediator.

Why Choose Mediation?

Litigation takes a great deal of time to prepare and can be very expensive.  Court calendars are backed up, and it usually takes months, if not years, to resolve a dispute in the court system.  Also, for many types of court cases, the parties are required to attempt mediation to resolve it before the court will set the matter for a trial.  And in the court system, you are leaving the decisions of your case in the hands of a judge.  Mediation can be scheduled at your convenience.  Disputes are often settled in a day or over the course of a few sessions.  And you remain in control of the decisions effecting your life.

Why Choose PS Mediation Solutions?

We are attorney’s, but our goal is to help participants reach an agreement without the cost, hassle, stress, and uncertainty of litigation, or to create agreements to avoid future litigation.  Our mediators will use their extensive experience and skills to help craft a settlement that both participants can find reasonable and fair.  We offer a free, thirty-minute consultation with you and the other participant to discuss how mediation can be used to resolve your conflict and determine whether our Traditional or Team Mediation approach is best for you.

Team Mediation

When two parties cannot sit in the same room to discuss their dispute, mediation can still be a way to resolve their issues.  In these cases, the mediator will separate the participants into two different rooms and go back and forth to discuss offers and negotiate terms.  This is an effective way to mediate, but it can feel like there are long periods of waiting for the mediator to return to your room.  With Team Mediation, two or more mediators work simultaneously with the parties to “divide and conquer” on the issues to minimize or eliminate that wait time.  Our mediators use their individual strengths and combined talent to help you resolve your conflict amicably and efficiently as possible.

What Issues Can Be Mediated?

Mediation can be used to negotiate the terms of a separation and divorce; property distribution; spousal support; child custody and support; modifications of prior agreements or orders; pre- and post-nuptial agreements; cohabitation agreements; and many other disputes.


Arbitration is a process where the participants agree to submit their dispute to a neutral third party – the Arbitrator.  The Arbitrator hears the evidence presented by both sides and makes a decision on the matter.  Arbitration is usually less expensive and takes less time to reach a resolution than going to court.  It also allows participants to keep their dispute private.


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can help you understand and determine the financial aspects of a divorce, including an analysis on how financials decisions made today can affect your financial future.   The CDFA can very asset values; explain how different asset distributions can impact each spouse; assist in calculating budgets; run child support calculations and spousal support scenarios; and explore other financial questions.  Our CDFA can work primarily with one party or act as a neutral evaluator to assist both parties in understanding the financial situation.