Domestic violence issues are taken seriously by the courts, and those who are involved in those cases need strong, competent legal representation. At Passenant & Shearin Law, we represent both men and women in family violence issues. Sheila Passenant organized and ran the Legal Representation Project through Safe Alliance (formerly United Family Services) in which she trained and supervised attorneys to provide pro bono legal representation to victims of domestic violence. She has vast experience in this area. Our goal is to obtain accurate information about the situation so we can best represent your interests. We will work to develop the most effective strategy for the legal issues at hand.

At Passenant & Shearin Law, we handle cases in Charlotte and throughout the surrounding North Carolina areas. Our team of attorneys is well-known in the legal community and has extensive experience handling divorce, family law and related issues.

Family Violence Issues

Our Charlotte domestic violence attorneys handle a broad range of issues in the area of family violence, including:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Child neglect
  • Juvenile issues
  • Parental alienation
  • Guardian ad litem

Advocacy for Victims of Violence

Victims of domestic violence face a number of different struggles and to get their voice heard, they need a strong legal counsel. All of our attorneys have substantial experience representing domestic violence victims. We understand how domestic violence impacts you, your children, and your job, and your life.  We are compassionate and will work to make certain that you and your children are protected.

Defense Against Domestic Violence Allegations

It is a harsh reality that many people use domestic violence allegations as a way to make the situation more difficult for the other party. These allegations can make it difficult for you to see your children and keep your home, not to mention the challenges associated with a potential criminal charge. Our attorneys have significant experience in this area of law, and we know how to effectively represent individuals in protective order hearings who have been falsely accused of domestic violence.

Serving Mecklenburg and Union County — Family Violence Attorneys

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