The well-being of the children is the most important issue to any parent going through a divorce. Our attorneys will take the time to understand your family, your goals and your values. We are committed to helping our clients reach the best outcome possible with the least amount of impact on your children.

Creative Custody And Parenting Time Plans

No two families are exactly alike. In order to create an effective custody plan for your children, your attorney needs to understand your kids and your spouse to ensure that your children’s best interests are put first.

Our Charlotte Child Custody attorneys work with mothers and fathers in developing custody and parenting plans. We will ask questions about your kids, their activities and become familiar with your family schedule. Our team will explain the types of custody in North Carolina and how custody affects other issues such as child support, relocation and more.

Attorney Sheila Passenant is the youngest of eleven children, a twin and the mother of 4 adult children. As a mother of a daughter and 3 boys, she knows what it takes to raise a child and what a privilege and sometimes challenge it can be. Ms. Passenant spent more than nine years representing children in high conflict custody cases at the Council for Children’s Rights (CFCR) in Charlotte. She is a Certified Parent Coordinator and counsels parents through high conflict custody disputes, teaching them how to communicate effectively for the benefit of their children. Ms. Passenant serves as a Guardian Ad Litem and is often appointed by the Court to represent children in high conflict custody, abuse and neglect cases. She also has considerate experience with families dealing with mental illness and substance abuse. Mrs. Passenant has seen the toll mental illness and/or addiction can have on a child. She is highly experienced in how substance abuse is treated by the Court and the resources for treatment that are available in our community. Mrs. Passenant understands the many different types of family dynamics and she knows what it takes to prevail in a custody trial.

Attorneys Kristen Shearin and Brione Pattison both have elementary school age children. Ms. Shearin has 2 boys and Ms. Pattison has 2 girls. They both know what it takes to juggle schedules, activities and school work and how difficult and expensive it can be to do it all on your own. Mrs. Shearin and Ms. Pattison have extensive experience handling all types of custody cases. They both utilize their experience to help mothers and fathers create custody plans where their children can flourish. When necessary, they are both willing and able to fight for the safety and well-being of any child in the courtroom.

Our firm is located in Charlotte, and we handle cases throughout all the surrounding North Carolina areas. Each of our attorneys has an established career and brings different strengths to the table. While you will be assigned to a specific lawyer, you have the benefit of knowing that we take a collaborative, team-oriented approach to resolving our cases.

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