Child support is a vital aspect of a child’s life after a divorce or separation. The experienced lawyers at Passenant & Shearin Law frequently work with men and women in child custody and support-related issues throughout the Charlotte area. Our attorneys are very knowledgeable of North Carolina child support guidelines and will help explain the legal process involved in your particular case. Child support may be only one aspect of the various financial options available to take care of children after a divorce. Our lawyers can tell you about ways to tailor support for your child’s needs and how to incorporate those solutions into a support order or a separation agreement.

We are known in our area for our legal abilities, particularly our problem-solving skills. We strongly advocate for our clients and work to settle matters in a way that supports our clients’ best interests. If your case can be resolved through skillful negotiations, we will settle matters outside of court. But if litigation is necessary, we zealously advocate for our client’s interests in the courtroom.

Straightforward Advice About Child Support

The amount of child support that a person pays or receives is calculated on guidelines set forth by the State. While these guidelines are fairly straightforward, it is important you have an experienced Charlotte child support attorney guiding you through this process. Our attorneys can explain the relationship between child support and child custody, what constitutes income for child support purposes, and other factors that affect the amount of child support so that you can understand all your options under the child support guidelines.

We will gather the appropriate financial information, help you complete the child support worksheets and explain every step in the legal process. Our attorneys handle all types of support-related matters, including:

  • Child support determinations
  • Child support enforcement
  • Child support modifications
  • Deviations from child support guidelines

Representing Clients in Union County — Child Support Attorneys

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