Divorce Rules from your kids

Divorce Rules from your kids

Dear Mom and Dad, I’m just a kid, so please…

1. Do not talk badly about my other parent (this makes me feel torn apart! It also makes me feel bad about myself!)

2. Do not talk about my other parent’s friends or relatives. (Let me care for someone even if you don’t.)

3. Do not talk to me about the divorce or other grown-up stuff. (This makes me feel sick. Please leave me out of it!)

4. Do not talk to me about money or child support. (This makes me feel guility or like I’m a possession insted of your kid).

5. Do not make me feel bad when I enjoy time with my other parent. (This makes me afraid to tell you things.)

6. Do not block my visits or prevent me from speaking to my other parent on the phone. (This makes me very upset.)

7. Do not interrupt my time with the other parent by calling too much or by planning my activities during our time together.

8. Do not argue in front of me or on the phone when I can hear you! (This just turns my stomach inside out!)

9. Do not ask me to spy for you when I am at my other parent’s home. (This makes me feel disloyal and dishonest).

10. Do not ask me to keep secrets from my other paernt. (Secrets make me feel anxious).

Thanks, your loving child

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