Alimony: Every Situation is Unique

Alimony: Every Situation is Unique

If you are ordered to pay alimony to your former spouse, it is likely you will have to pay a specified amount of money each month until:

• A date that is set by a judge (which is usually several years in the future);

• Your former spouse marries again; or

• Death of one of the parties.

There is no set standard length of time the payments are to be made as every situation is unique. The amount is determined based on the dependent spouses financial needs and the supporting spouse’s ability to pay the alimony amount. The amount and duration of alimony payments is almost always a source of disagreement between spouses.

If you think you may have to pay alimony to your former spouse, you shouldcontact an attorney right away.

There are many factors to consider when entering into an alimony agreement. Without the right legal advice, you can potentially obligate yourself to pay an amount that you cannot afford for a longer time period than what may ordinarily be required.

If you are expecting to receive alimony payments from your former spouse, you should contact an attorney right away.

You may or may not be entitled to alimony. It is important to consult with an attorneyto discuss your specific situation to determine what your financial needs are and what an appropriate amount of spousal support may be. It is likely you may also be required to make some changes in your life such as making reasonable efforts to enter the workforce or taking some educational classes to increase your employment options.

Going through a separation and divorce is an overwhelming time for everyone. It is difficult to support two households with the same income that supported one household. Parties rarely, if ever, agree on how that income should be distributed. Every situation is unique and it is important that you seek good legal advice that applies to you and your individual situation.

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