At Passenant & Shearin Law, we want our clients to feel empowered to ask questions, voice their concerns and come to our team when issues arise as their case progresses.

Our family lawyers are assertive in the courtroom, proactive when working with clients, and highly experienced at handling complicated divorce and family law cases. You will have direct access to the lawyer representing you in your case and be known on a first-name basis.

Collaborative, Team-Oriented Approach

We collaborate and take a team approach, when necessary, and draw upon each other’s strengths to provide our clients with the best legal advocacy possible. Our attorneys are aggressive, passionate about practicing law, and will fight to make sure that we reach an appropriate settlement or outcome for your case.

Experienced Family Law and Divorce Lawyers

Throughout every step in your case, we will work to preserve the dynamics between you and your family. All our lawyers have hands on experience dealing with children and families in crisis and we understand the specific issues facing mothers and fathers who are involved in legal matters.

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To schedule an initial consultation with one of the attorneys at Passenant & Shearin Law, please call us at 704-221-1111. You can also contact us by email — simply complete this short contact form.